HBO Series that Inspire Students to Learn

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Looking for inspirational series, it is hard to find an alternative to HBO that would hold such an educational value. The cable network that stands behind the famous Game of Thrones or an inspirational The Comeback from 2005 already says enough. Therefore, it is not surprising that most students these days even choose HBO series for reflective assignment writing as most series in question inspire to learn and start with a subject’s  exploration. Moreover, many series also represent a unique chance to start school discussions and debate over social matters, certain morals, and events that take place locally or globally. 

HBO Series that Inspire Students to Learn 

– Band of Brothers

It’s sufficient to say that Steven Spielberg is the one behind the show. Then we have names like Tom Hanks to complete the picture. It is an inspirational story that takes place in the World War II. It is quite heavy at times and deeply emotional as it speaks of the Parachute Infantry Regiment. In the end, this show tells us about the value of brotherhood and standing up for your values. You can also consider reflective assignments based on this show by approaching research paper writers who will help you to narrow things down and determine the best aspects that you may already have in your mind as you come up with ideas. 

– Treme. 

Some students often compare this HBO show to the famous The Wire, yet it is quite different as New Orleans is a specific location as it recovers from the Katrina and comes back to life. The best value aspect of this series is the presence of a simple person who struggles with various issues of life and fights it through by still staying human. It helps to relate as most of us are going through difficult times, loss, heartbreak, feeling different, and trying one’s best to be strong no matter what. 

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– Bored to Death. 

Surprisingly enough, this show never gained much popularity and not because it was boring (it wasn’t!) or odd. It is just specific and aimed at people who are not looking purely for entertainment content. It deals with the writer who also serves as a past-time detective. This show is far from boring as it inspires and explores the peculiarities of studying and being a great storyteller. It inspires for being creative and reminds us about the importance of reading and writing. 

– Enlightened. 

It is a show about reinventing who you are and facing the challenges of life as we follow Amy, the main protagonist. This HBO series is fun and accessible for most students as it bases on the daily situations. It is why it inspires to learn and believe that changes are possible if we go for it. If you are a student who wants to make a positive change and fight, this show is precisely for you. The main character called Amy is the voice of the generaton as she is the one behind many classic phrases and funny situations. 

– The Comeback. 

It tells about learning new things as we follow the story of Valerie as she tries to come back to the acting business. It shows a deep insight regarding how an aging actress faces it all from bullying to having to learn new things. It is about persistence and confidence. It’s only natural that this show became quite popular among college students as they think about their future. Valerie’s struggles also becomes a frequent subject of school debates. If you are confused about what values this show follows or how to write them down, essay writers might be a good option to consider. Talk to an expert and see what aspects of the show you can discuss or correct the draft for debates that you may already have! 

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Deeper Educational Aspects and Crime Drama 

At times, HBO comes up with series that are not precisely educational but still show education’s value and discuss important matters. The talk is about the show called “The Wire” and the fourth season out of five seasons specifically. This crime drama focuses on the life in Baltimore and talks about poltical reforms and the lack of an accessible public school system. The fourth season of the famous show focuses on the problems in the field of education and show why it’s so important to study and fight for one’s beliefs and values. Watching this HBO series, students tend to withstand educational problems and approach their studies differently. 


Olivia Evans loves exploring the world of cinema through the lens of education and social sciences. As an educator and explorer, she loves seeking inspirational media content that helps students appreciate the value of education. Follow Olivia to find out interesting ideas and make your learning meaningful. 

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