Shinobu Kocho: Who is she? The Demon Slayer Character Most Underrated

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Shinobu Kocho is undoubtedly one of the most loved Demon Slayer character. Shinobu is full of interesting facts you didn’t know about.

We all recognize her as Insect Hashira or Demon Slayer of Demon Slayer Corps. She is just one of many things that deserve to be mentioned.

Kanae Kocho has Shinobu Kocho as her younger sister, and Kanao Tuyuri has Shinobu Kocho as her adopted sister. Shinobu and Shinobu’s sister joined the Demon Slayer Corps after her parents were nearly killed by a demon. You can find a selection of the best Shinobu Figure just here at Demon Slayer Shop!

She is a friend to all and has stood up for her friends in times of trouble. Her personality is unique from other people. You will be able to appreciate her character by the following facts:

1. She Invented Insect Breathing Because of a Reason

Shinobukocho created the insect breathing method to compensate for her inability to cut off a demon’s head. This is why she is the only one to master this technique. It also necessitates a unique katana that has a needle-like tip and mimics an insect bite in function and appearance. This is the reason she’s known as Insect Hashiraia.

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2. Her Killing Methods Are A Bit Unusual

Shinobu does not use a demon head to defeat them, unlike many other powerful characters in Demon Slayer. Shinobu injects the deadly poison using the tip her weapon.

3. She’s got the Wisteria Poison In Her

Shinobu transformed her body so that it contained a certain amount wisteria-poison to aid in her defeat of Upper-Rank Demons. Over the course a year, she was capable of absorbing highly concentrated poison that had blended with her body’s cell structure, including her blood and internal organs.

4. She knows medicine

She is not only a skilled combatant, but she is also an expert on medicine. She can help anyone who has been hurt by demons. She can make any medicine that is based on the demon injury. Her remedy acts as an antidote, and can heal poisoned wounds. Zenitsu was cured of the poison by her antidote after he was bit by Poison, a spider demon. Later, she cared for them while they were hospitalized and assisted in their recovery.

5. She has a sweet, charming personality

Shinobu is a bright and cheerful person. She smiles no matter what, and she does it with a happy face. Her charming demeanour has been exposed to be a ruse by her proclivity for laughing with people, sometimes even to the point where she is sadistic. But there is another side to her personality. Due to what they did, she isn’t sympathetic to demons.

6. She is a rescuer

Shinobu met Kanao in a small, pale-skinned girl named Kanao Takuyuri. Her parents sold her because she was too hungry to live. Shinobu, her sister and brother saved her from the evil man. Shinobu was also kind enough to keep her company, allowing her to feel content. Later, she taught her how fight demons. She helped her become a professional fighter.

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7. She’s strong!

This Demon Slayer girl butterfly is also known for her skill as a swordsman. In fact, she’s one of Hashiras most powerful women. She doesn’t cut the heads of demons; rather, she injects fatal poison in their heads with the needle that’s been soaked with venom. Shinobu is quick. Demons tend to underestimate her because she’s a woman. They will regret it. She is the opposite. She is like a butterfly that flies about, making her seem afloat in the face monsters. Her speed is a benefit in her slaying of demons. You may refer to her as the fastest hashira because she has demonstrated this in multiple bouts, including against Doma and then against the lady from the spider clan.

8. She secretly loathes Demons

Shinobu’s charming and calm demeanor may be a façade. Because of the death her younger sister, parents, almost all her Tsuguko, as well as the families of her Butterfly Mansion Apprentices, she has a deep hatred towards demons. She has a nearly constant state of rage and this hatred is intense. Her desire for revenge prevented her from leading the normal life she had envisioned for herself. She instead spent all her energy on killing demons.

9. Unique Katana by Her Katana

Shinobu Kocho’s katana can be a valuable asset. It features a tiny, black blade that measures normal width at its tip and base. The Kanji inscription “EVIL DEMONS” is also on the sword. A minor injury to the sword can lead to death. The silver filling has an orange outline around her butterfly-shaped sword’s tsuba. It also features flower motifs.

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10. Incredible Speed and Reflexes

Shinobu has amazing speed and reflexes. She can quickly outrun or outrun malevolent spirits and attack them before they even realize what happened. Shinobu is extremely fast, and it’s not hard to see why. Doma was even surprised by Shinobu’s barbarian speed. Shinobu unleashed a torrent of attacks that Doma couldn’t block or evade and forced him to admit that Shinobu has the fastest Hashira that he’s ever seen. She was so quick that even though she was being hurt, Doma could not join her ranks and only marginally opposed her. She was so quick to act that she even managed to tear down a scaffold after Doma had badly injured her.

This demon slayer butterfly character is powerful, kind, fierce, but also strong. It is a beautiful character that deserves to be admired!

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